We are a group of like-minded people in the printing, advertising and related industries who set up a charitable trust to financially and emotionally assist workmates faced with urgent, short-term need.

Trust History

We are a formally registered New Zealand charity: Full Colour Trust 2381270. We settled the Full Colour Trust in 2006 when a couple of co-workers got together at G&A Nelson Ltd (now G&A Creative Agency), a Christchurch-based design and advertising agency, to support an industry colleague requiring a course of Herceptin for treatment of breast cancer. Herceptin was not a government-funded drug in 2006 nor was it covered by the beneficiary’s medical insurance.

Directors of G&A Nelson did not want to take responsibility for handling the $70,000 – $100,000 required for treatment, so Mandy Nelson settled the Trust to create an organisation that could independently manage events and raise funds, and invest and pay out financial support as needed.

Skilled volunteers and sponsors worked with board members of the Trust to pull off a highly-professional gala ball and charity auction in the spring of 2006. They raised, in a single night, the full amount required to meet our first beneficiary’s treatment costs. This extraordinary achievement cemented the vision for the future of the Full Colour Trust, which has continued to support workers in the industry for more than a decade


All of the Full Colour Trust’s trustees have a long association with the print, advertising and graphics industry.

There are currently four serving trustees, two of whom have served for more than a decade, i.e. since it was settled. Enquiries from new prospective trustees familiar with the industry are welcomed. Send a message using our contact form.

Mike Dawson

Mike has clocked up a remarkable 50 years in the printing industry so he probably knows everything worth knowing about print. He started working in print in England; he then worked in South Africa and, for the last 38 years, has lived and worked in New Zealand.

As well as filling various management roles within the industry, Mike was the Mainland President for PrintNZ for five years.

Although now semi-retired, Mike’s passion for the printing industry and its related trades, as well as the people who work in them, has driven him to maintain his strong connections with the industry.

Jonathan Flett

Jonathan has been in printing for so long he probably has printing ink running in his veins. He started as an apprentice printer 32 years ago and worked his way up to becoming a company director and owner of Pakworld Ltd.

Jonathan reckons he has met all types while working within the one industry. Working with such diversity has lead him to better understanding of people’s needs and to see issues like health problems in perspective as part of a bigger picture.

Jonathan is proud to be involved in the Full Colour Trust and to have helped people in need.

Alister Scott

Alister has a background in banking and finance, and a keen eye for detail. He worked for one of the major banks for more than 20 years and is currently an analyst in the insurance industry.

When one of the founder trustees moved to another city, Alister was approached to replace them. Alister’s responsibility as a trustee is to maintain the Trust’s financial records and ensure all legal requirements of the Charities Services are met.


Nicky O'Rourke (Nic) has been a Key Account Manager in the Printing Industry for over 15 years. 

Her drive and passion for the print industry and how it delivers its promise for the client is her strongest motivator. The industry has been good to Nic and she would like to give back to the many people that make it so wonderful.

Nic loves to help others whether it is in her personal life or in a professional role, and the opportunity to help others on the Full Colour Trust is something that she has always wanted to do.

Nic welcomes the opportunity to work with the committee and meet others behind the scenes that do a great job to assist those in the Print industry in times of need.

Charitable Objects of the Trust

5.1 The principal charitable object of the Trust shall be:

  • To assist groups of people in or from the Printing Industry in the South Island of New Zealand who suffer from serious or long-term illness or disability, and dependent survivors of those who suffer accidental death, whilst working in the industry.

5.2 In interpreting the terms of this trust deed and undertaking the rights, powers and duties:

  • The principal object in clause 5.1 shall take precedence;
  • All other objects shall be pursued to further the principal object;
  • The “Printing Industry” includes but is not limited to Printing, Graphic Design, Paper  Supply, Pre-press and Advertising Industry.

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